Enty is an online, race entry manager. It is our aim to make competition entry as streamline as possible, leaving more time to focus on planning the event.

Enty is created and driven by volunteers. A huge amount of time has gone into researching and collecting feedback from a number of swimming clubs. Learning how incredibly diverse swimming competitions can be and incorporating these diversities has been incredibly rewarding. If you’re looking for something that we don’t yet, it’s super easy to request a new feature. Just drop a line to the team.

Many swimming clubs only function because of the effort and hard work from volunteers. Our mission is to encourage involvement in sport by making team management easy. We believe that by simplifying some team management tasks, more time is opened up for internal development and improvement.

Our goal is to create easy to use, online tools that will entice members to get involved with running your club or team.

We are focussed on delivering a service that complements competition structures of governing bodies in swimming. We aim to be both flexible to your unique setup and simultaneously meet national and international competition setup standards.

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