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We are the Enty Team, specialists in online meet entry for competitive swimming clubs.

Enty is an online app where swimming clubs can set up competitions, manage entries and take payments. Enty is great for internal meets and competitions (like club championships and time trials) but can also be used to manage external/open meet entries.

At Enty, we recognise the importance of simplicity. The bespoke, online interface has been designed to streamline competition complexities. Multi-day meets and special entry rules are things we take in our stride.

Most importantly, the team are great listeners. You can say hi any time at We love hearing your feedback, new feature requests and suggestions for 3rd party integrations. Whatever you need to make life easier.

With Enty, you can get your meet online and entry ready in less than 15 minutes! Sign up now.

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Great Features

  Age Groups

Create age groups quickly and easily without entering a single date of birth!

Manage Entries

Take full total control when managing swimmer entries and race selections.


Excellent customer support for clubs, parents and swimmers.


Building events and sessions is a breeze, especially with our awesome rule builder.

 Time Saving

We save you time by automating as many processes as possible.


Enty works great on all screen sizes, so you can manage at the poolside.


Automatic invite sending and reminders. Compatible with most email clients.


We keep track of entries, record entry times and remind late comers.

  Multiple Admins

Share the work load amongst you by creating multiple admin users.

It’s Quick With Enty

Enty makes everything easy by guiding you through the process of creating your first online competition. Age groups, events and entries have fantastic automated features. Features we believe will save you valuable time. Enty will automatically open and close entry as well as handle invitation and reminder emails. We put you in control, providing ample space to customise content and wording for your competition. Add messages about volunteering, event information and more!

Be online and entry ready in less than 15 minutes!

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Online Meet Entry For Swimming

Online meet entry (OME)

Enty are a high quality online race entry platform that’s perfect for competitive swimming clubs. The Enty mission is to encourage involvement in sport by making team management easy. Create a signup and invite swimmers to your event all from one easy to use, online interface.

Manage race entries from the poolside

Enty is built to work on desktop, tablet and mobile. We have taken great care to give our users a great experience across all platforms, meaning you can jump online and manage your entries from the poolside!

Made by swimmers, for swimmers.

The Enty Team have amassed over 10 years experience in competitive swimming, gala organisation and online entry technology. Features and tools only exist because WE found them useful. Chat to the Enty Team and request features at

Share the Load

Use Enty to invite and collaborate with your team managers and share the processing of online race entries. Because multiple users can administrate your signup, you’re able to share small chunks with other members.

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